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Physical Description
One of the original, ancient races, the Ark'khons are a magically gifted race of winged, bi-pedal creatures. With a leathery skin that can be green, white or gray in coloring, they have a large head with wide-set eyes and prominent eyebrows. Their ears are elongated and are positioned close to the top of their head, and large, blunt teeth better suited for grinding than biting. Their height can range from 5' 2" to 5' 10" for males and 4' 7" to 5' 5" for females. Their wingspan is around 5' 6", and while their wings do not allow them to fly in the heavens like Dragons, they can use them for short-range gliding or aiding their speed while running. They have powerful legs and arms and can wield deadly weapons, though most tend to rely on their ancient magical abilities.

Ark'khon are jealous followers of Groo, the God of Strength and Power, and see themselves as his children. They look upon other followers of Groo as charlatans who cannot possibly fathom the greatness and depth of their dedication. Any Ark'khon who decides to follow another deity is looked upon with shame and is often ostracized from Ark'khonian society. It is their divine responsibility to protect the lesser races from themselves and each other, and to enhance the glory of Groo.

Ark'khon history begins with the Hammerstroke of Groo, a revered plain in Eastern Exion where they believe all of creation was begun when Groo struck the world with the Hammer of the Alpha. This vast plain is the main homeland of the Ark'khon and is where their major city, Mallannor, is located. More...

The Ark'khon are a proud race, some might say arrogant, that see themselves as caretakers of Exion, a responsibility given to them by Groo himself. They perceive themselves to be above the other races of Exion, considering them to be, at best, squabbling children that must be watched and managed at all times. The only other race that they have a semblance of respect for are the Dragons, the other ancient race of being, for their power and grace. Although aloof when dealing with non-Ark'khons, they have great patience with the lesser races and will take great care in understanding their people, histories and, most of all, land holdings.

Stat AdjustmentsBonus Abilities Starting Equipment Life Expectancy
intelligence+2 Enlightenment(75%) a grey work tunic 350 Years
dexterity-1 Staff Specialization a pair of hefty work boots
wisdom+1 Gliding(100%) some hefty work pants
save vs magic+30 Staff Specialization(50%) a knitted weapon belt
max intelligence adj.+2
max dexterity adj.-1
max wisdom adj.+1

Qualifying Classes Diviner Doomsayer Druid Enchanter Evoker Fighter Gaoler Illusionist Minstrel Missionary Oracle Paladin Purist Templar Transmuter
Pure Evil Neutral Good Any Alignment
Doomsayer Abjurer Alterer Apprentice
Conjurer Barbarian Cleric Artisan
Necromancer Shaman Healer Mage
Necromancer Purist <-Both-> Purist Gaoler

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