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Divination Glossary

This is quite the list I will tell you now. You will laugh at some of these and some people will be grossed out by others I am sure. The ideas that man has come up with to tell the future and to obtain the unknowable information is nothing short of astounding. Hope that some of this is helpful to you.

AURA INFORMATION - This is based on the concept of there is energy eminating from everything. These energies are broken down into seven types (Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Etheric Template, Celestial and Ketheric Template). Each one has its own shape, feel and color that can be deciphered to determine information.

DOWSING - One of the oldest searching divination skills. Uses a dowsing rod to find water, minerals, or anything else that they desire. Also can be done with pendulum. More in depth on Mystical page.

GRAPHOLOGY - scientifically this is the study of handwriting and much can be discovered about the personality of an individual. On the divination side, it can be used to tell the future.

I CHING - The traditional way is to toss 50 yarrow sticks, but there is another common method that involves tossing a coin three times. This started in ancient China around 2852 B.C.

OUIJA BOARD - This taps into the subconscious mind and uses the ideomoror effect to let the inner mind answer questions. More on this on the Mystical page.


CLOUD SCRYING, the power of the clouds



LAMP SCRYING, the method of egyptian lamp scrying


OIL SCRYING, used by the babylonians

PENDULUM SCRYING, the methods of pendulum scrying

SHELL SCRYING - Putting a shell to you ear, you will hear the "ocean", which is blood rush through your ear. For some that listen longer, they can pick of conversations and so can gain insight.

SMOKE SCRYING - This can be done by watching for images in the smoke of a fire. The extreme version that some Native American have done, uses a sweat lodge. The combination of heat, humidity and carbon dioxide levels take the person to a state of mind that vision may come.

WATER SCRYING as used by nostradamus

TASSEOMANCY - The art of reading tea leaves, associated with Gypsies and the English. This term can include coffee readings as well, which supposedly started in Italy.

WIND, the wind has a voice that may talk to you

EGYPTIAN DREAM SCRYING, may be traced back thousands of years



ORNITHOMANCY, divinating bird patterns

ORACLE, a type of intermediary

MONITIONS, monitions of approach

LECANOMANCY, throwing stones into water

HAKATA, used by african witch doctors

DELPHI ORACLE, very influential oracle

COSCINOMANCY, divination practised with a sieve

CRITOMANCY, divination of cakes

CURSED BREAD, divination with bread

DACTYLOMANCY, divination with rings

DAPHNOMANCY, divination with laurel branches

DERMOGRAPHY, psyshic phenomenon of skin writing

DJEMSCHEED, a divination cup

EROMANCY, divination using air and water

CEROSCOPY, divination using wax on water

CELONTES, mystical stone

CARTOPEDY, feet divination

COMMUNIGRAPH, mechanical communication with spirits

CLEDONISM, divination by use of words

CLEIDOMANCY, divination by use of a suspended key

XYLOMANCY, slav divination

SIBYL, women who lived in caves and were renowned for their gift of prophecy

PHRENOLOGY, the divination of reading bumps on a skull

ARITHMANCY, divination by numbers

ANTHROPOMANCY, divination using human entrails

ALECTRYOMANCY, divination through birds

ALEUROMANCY, divination with flour

ALPHITOMANCY, divination using a leaf of barley

BIBLIOMANCY, divination using a book

MOLYBDOMANCY, divination by dropping metal into water

MYOMANCY, divination involving rats

EGGS, divination using eggs

ONYCHOMANCY, divination by fingernails

OMPHALOMANCY, divination by the navel

ONIMANCY, divination based on the observation of angel uriel

PSYCHIC TELEPHONE, the psychic telephone

BELLY TALKERS, mediums with a daemon in their belly

BOOK TEST, initiated by a deceased communicator

BILLET TEST, divination via an envelope

TREMBLING, divination through hand trembling

PRENESTINE LOTS, divination by lots

POPPY SEEDS, poppy seeds in divination

PLANCHETTE, instrument to communicate with spirits

PHYLLORHODOMANCY, divination with rose leaves

ESSOMANCY, divination with beans

MUSCLE READING, unconscious movements

HIPPOMANCY, celtic divination

HEPATOSCOPY, divination of entrails

GYROMANCY, divination by going round in circles

LYCHNOMANCY, divination by candle flame

AMNIOMANCY, divination by means of the caul

ARIOLISTS, ancient divinaters

BELOMANCY, divination by arrows

AXINOMANCY, divination by axe

LAMPADOMANCY, divination by a lamp