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Lore of the Supernatural

Eye of the World Gallery

Ah Ha! Another fan of the Wheel of Time series! Or maybe you just clicked on it to see what it was? Was that it? Well if it was, there are still some good images in here, although you may not fully appreciate all of the references. These are not in any order, and later I will try to put some descriptions in as well.

  Aviendha Mat on the Roof      Caihairn             Callandor      Ruby Dagger from Logoth     The Blight

The Breaking     Callandor           Mindtrap           Birgitte      Mat with Spear        The Pit

        Shaidar              Tarvalon         Breaking the World         Callandor       Adam and Cuendillar Seal

   Dragon      Gleeman     Trollocs     Loial    Rand & Min  The Group at the Table  Aviendha    Moiraine

   Berlain          Egeanin          Graendal  Lan and Mandarb  Mat with Gholam    Perrin & Faile with Trollocs

    Rand           Seanchan Flyer         The Ways                 Map