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To be completely honest, I didn't really think about this when I made this site. In addition, this opens open a huge can of worms, and could end up being very controversial. However, a friend of mine finally saw my site and asked "Why isn't God on there?" At first I thought, it is a supernatural site, why would he be on here? We talked about it a little more and there was just something that kept nagging at me in the back of my mind. Being the type of person who can not let issues like this go for too long, I broke down and looked up supernatural in the dictionary. Of course there are almost always several defintions to words, but two caught my eye. "2. Attributed to a power that seems to violate or go beyond natural forces." This seems to be what most of the site is built on. There is then, the other definition, 3. Of or relating to a deity. 4. Of or relating to the immediate exercise of divine power; miraculous."

So what does that mean really? Well as in all definitions there is a matter of interpretation, but we must all admit that there have been many strange occurence that have happened in the past that are "faith" related. Now I am not going to get deep into religion as what you believe is between you and your god. This brings up a slew of questions just by considering it. Does God take an active part in are lives? Does he really not pay that much attention and let the angels take care of the day to day duties? Are the miracles and help nothing more than "good" spirits of the dead? All of those questions really depend on how you define your god. I whole heartedly agree that this is a free county and you have the right to believe in whatever religion you want. What this page is going to be about are some of the "miraculous" that have happened, whether attributed to angels, acts of God, whatever. I must make this abundantly clear. This whole site is my interpretation of how any of this might work. Religion is a volatile subject, and even if I cover several views, I am still stating several opinions. Opinions are a part of life in this country, take it with a grain of salt.

We have to start somewhere so lets get this going with angels first. Obviously because of the content, this is a topic that comes with much skepticism. Actually, there will always be a person that doesn't believe in a religious experience. Sometimes, it is justified. Humanity as a whole likes to fabricate stories, but like most stories, there is a shred of truth underneath it all.

First off, lets define an angel a little more for those that are not familiar. Angels are under the direction of a god. I stated it this way on purpose, because most people attribute angels to Christianity. Angels are not exclusive to Christianity. The Christian version depicts a figure with wings and possibly a halo. Usually an angel is viewed as good and of wholesome character. They work for God right? Why wouldn't they be good? Other religions don't neccasarily call the deities angels, but they serve in the same role. A spirit like being that is directed by a god to perform some function here on Earth, wings are optional.

Humans, in their infinite wisdom, even created a hiearchy of angels. There are nine diferenct rankings for an angel from highest to lowest; seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dimimions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels. I great site to refer to for more information on this is All About Angels . They have angel names and more on how it works.

Mostly what we expect from angels is for them to look out for the well being of humanity. There are countless stories of a person that came in, helped an individual or group of people and then disappeared. The angels can supposedly take on any form they choose to make it easier for humnans to accept, an old man, a little girl, a friendly guy, a nurse, anything they choose. Other stories will attribute angels to utilizing souls that have already passed. One I read recently was about a girl that died of cancer that came back to perk up the spirits of another woman that had Multiple Sclerosis. Again I say, the stories are countless.

Mainly of the stories that I have seen, angels are like the workhorse for God. Several people have asked the question, "If God is that powerful, why does he need angels anyway?" Great question. This is the way that I look at it. If there is an entity that is that powerful, so powerful that he made the universe and all the creatures on this planet, how hard would it be to come down to the level of humanity and talk about how your day at work went? Not that God couldn't do it, but could humanity cope with that experience? Probably not, there would be heads exploding from overload, to borrow an idea from "Dogma". Hence the middle man, angels.

I just added this page and to make sure that I get my information right, I want to do the research to make sure my references are correct. Please check back and I will add as I can.

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