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This is only the brief description of the races of the diverse World of Exion. There is much more to tell. Click on one of the titles below to see more!

Ark'khons are keepers of the balance in Exion. The are highly intelligent, but aloof to the concerns of most of the world. The Ark'khon are a proud race, some might say arrogant, that see themselves as caretakers of Exion, a responsibility given to them by Groo himself. To them, protecting the balance of Good versus Evil is paramount. Ark'khons have limited gliding capability (via the gliding skill).

Just like you and me.

Krur are broad, tall, hairy and stupid. Their lack of intelligence makes them easily lead by others, though they do have their own internal heirarchy. Most Krur lack the brains to be proficient at any kind of magic, but their brute strength makes them excellent fighters.

Maril are an amphibious race. They have no hair, and possess webbed feet and hands. All Maril have a strong affinity to nature and most are followers of Pryon. Due to their aquatic origins Maril can not breathe in the thin, dry air of mountain or desert locations.

The Nuerdich are the negative image of the Nuvidar. Taken by Amirtho and twisted to his purposes, they bear little resemblence to their light 'cousins.' What they lack in strength, they make up for with speed and rapid recovery abilities. Their weakness restricts them from wearing metal armor. Nuerdich do not have natural darkvision, but are skilled with magic and stealth.

Nuvidar are a highly intelligent elf type race. Created by Hemedi, they have a hunger for knowledge and persue it to the exclusion of all else. Nuvidar are pale, possess shades of blonde hair and have pale shades of eye color. They have a natural dignity that can be broached by getting them to talk about their favorite vocations.

Ravaz are small twisted creatures that are most at home underground and have natural darkvision. Their subterranean culture makes them masters of crafting things from stone and metal. Created by Jotu, they have a chaotic and crafy nature. They excel at spying, thievery or general mischief making and are weak with magic.

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