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Lore of the Supernatural


Well, after almost three years, I have decided that the Links page needed an overhaul. I must admit, I cam in to find something and couldn't find it here. That will miff you a bit, and it is my own website! So, yes, much in need of an improvement. You will find the layout broken down by the same division as the rest of the site. I kept the build links, I like the idea of more people building sites, and a miscelaneous section for things I like or projects that I have planned for the future but have not gotten to yet. Hope this works out a little better for everyone. As I have stated all over the site, if you have questions or requests, just send me and email and I will see what I can do for you.

General Supernatural

FreakCentral.CJB.NET- An online source for the Paranormal


Don't be deceived by the opening look of the site, this place has an incredible amount of info
This is a good werewolf site, lots of info
Not exactly a supernatural site, but has many different interests. Vampires, goth, fairly good stuff
An interesting site, no idea whether true or not
Definitely a great supernatural site, covers a good variety of creatures and legends

For the RPG fans out there, here are some sites for Vampire the Masquerade., These are great source books, they create a rich world.
Steve Jackson Games/GURPS. A great system to use for Vampire
Malkavian Site
Tremere Site, more than it appears to be
Another Tremere site
Assamite site
Bloodlines up the Yin Yang!





















Site Building

I am not one to hide secrets on how I built my web page, because I write all my code. There are some helpful sites out there however that help considerably. Here are some that I use all the time. If you get a site up, please shoot me some mail and I will look you up.

Free Backgrounds and Textures, Good site!
AAA Free Backgrounds and Textures
Complete HTML True Color Chart
HTML Goodies, Site for Web Page Construction
This is a clipart site given by a guest. Good site!
A good Gif site with other helpful Web tools.
A decent site for 3D text, with some special effects



Here is a section that I put in just because of a visitor to my site. She had asked to put a link to her site on my page. Well how could I turn that down? It does make sense however since I can't cover everything to put some references to other supernatural sites. I do have some links on the pages of interest, so if there is something that you don't see something here that you are looking for, try the page you are interested in.
The Supernatural Zone
The Supernatural Realm
A supernatural site about psychic phenomenon

Here are some Medieval sites. I haven't found a lot of really good ones yet, but Odin's site is great! One of the better organized sites for links I have seen in a while, well worth checking out!

Odin's Castle of Dreams and Legends