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This page almost makes me sigh in satisfaction. One of my favorite sayings is that the world is a matter of perspective, because of this I find the views of others to be extremely interesting. This particular page is built on that.

Below are stories that have been written about the supernatural. I have not edited any of these, however I have read them all to make sure of content. There is no point in putting it on the page if it is about the supernatural. I will post any one's story or poem if they submit it to me under two conditions.

One, the obvious one, it needs to be about the supernatural. Faeries that play patty cake in the mornings, aliens take you, werewolves that beat the women and rape the dog, ghosts that slime you in your sleep, first person, third person, fifteen person, I don't care, as long as it is supernatural. If you are unsure of what classifies as supernatural, look at my page and see some of topics I cover and I am sure you will figure something out.

Two, it cannot be about senseless violence. Vampires, werewolves and other creatures have been described as inherently violent. Yes, definitely, but why? A hunger you say? Well make sure that is included in your tale. People don't do anything without a reason, motivations must be explained. Even the insane have their reasons, but they look at the world from a different point of view. Here is the main point, I do not want a story of a werewolf running around killing people with gruesome, graphic details and then that's it, end of story. Poems like this maybe, as poems are suppose to express feelings, but not a short story. Stories need plot, if you want pure senseless violence, watch the news.

Other than that, I really don't care. The point here is get a new look at the supernatural. If you create a composition, but you are a little shy, no problem. You can indicate when you send it that you would like to remain anonymous and your name will not be put on your work. For those of you that are not shy, feel free to include whatever information that you would like posted with your story or poem.