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Did I have you scared with the Monsters title? Well obviously not if you decided to come check it out. This means that you are interested in some of the nastier creatures of our history and even possibly present day. Here I will talk about mummies, the Loch Ness, zombies and all of those other creatures that the world decided were rather malevolent. I will even cover some of the obvious fiction monsters like Frankenstein and Godzilla and their impact on humans in general. Still interested? Alright then...

First thing that we need to clear up is the difference between folklore and fantasy. Most of the creatures that I will be describing will be more folklore. Those beings that actually had people locking their doors at night a few centuries or maybe a few decades ago. Fantasy monsters do have a shred of truth to them somewhere, but mostly were told in stories, dragons are a great example. They could have been true and may have affected people and the culture they were exposed to, but this is primarily a supernatural site and it doesn't really stay with the theme. Folklore is something that some people believe they can still go out and find in present day, this is what I will be covering primaryly on this site. I will say this, I do love fantasy as well, so as to not dissappoint some of the people out there, I will probably describe some fantasy creatures as well as it stands that there is the possibility that they do exist.

Boogie Man   Mummies   Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman   Zombies   Loch Ness   Frankenstein   King Kong   Godzilla  

Boogie Man

So lets get started! So many out there, what to start with. Aahhhh, he is an oldie but a goodie, the Boogie Man. This guy really gets around. He has been called by many, many different names and in places all over the country, even the world. In Panama there is a legend of an entity called Tulivieja. She is so much a part of the culture that even today, children are given a mate (pronounced ma-tae), a charm made of red ribbon and coco bean dipped in gold to keep her away. Of course there are slight variations in the story, but for the most part the legend states that once way back in time, the spirits and the mortals could live together, see each other and recognize each other. One spirit incarnated itself in the form of a girl and a boy fell in love with her. They produced a child, but to hide what she was, she drowned the child. For this crime God turned her into the Tulivieja. Her form changed from a beautiful girl to large cat like creature with horse feet. Her face was full of holes and her hair was bristly. She was condemned to look for her drowned child forever. The Panamanians would tell their children to not stay out late or the Tulivieja might mistake them for her lost child or if you behaved badly she would steal you out of your bed.

In its simplest terms, the Boogie Man likes to find those individuals that are alone or unsuspecting and "Get you". To a child "Get you" is more than enough information, they don't even want to think about what all that means. To adults of course there are all kinds of atrocities that can race through your mind so it is just as frightening for one who believes. The fear of death or abuse is a powerful thing. The Boogie Man is rarely seen, and if he is, it is a fleeting glimpse. Just enough to put you on your toes.

Let go through a scenario. You are camping in a very rural area, a forest. In order to get to the restroom you have to walk a quarter of a mile down a trail. It is dusk and turning dark quickly. Now, if you are a person that doesn't like the dark, are a little timid, or maybe that night you are just a little on edge, whatever the reason, you are going to feel uncomfortable. There are shadows everywhere. In that moment and in those settings if you see movement or think you see movement, you are going to freak out a bit. I can personally attest to this uncomfortablness. I was once in my basement and the power went out. Little did I know it was the whole neighborhood, so I went down with a single candle to check it out. Now I am a pretty stable guy, logical, analytical, and definitely do not scare easy. It is spooky, however to see something that you know well enough, in a confined space (my workroom is not that big) seeing everything bouncing around, moving shifting your focus. Your depth perception changes and it looks like things are moving at you or moving around the room. It is a little unsettling. I was so fascinated by this that I went down in the basement later with all of the lights off at night to do it again and the same optical tricks happened. So back to our setting of the bathroom run at night in which you are officially freaked out. This creates several scenerios, one of which is you freeze. You just lock up, body and mind, in fear. Another is, you rationalize whatever it was away to create a saftey area in you mind. "It was just the wind." It could have been or could have been something else, but now you feel safer. The last one would be you go in the opposite direction and recognize or create a threat. "There is somebody in the trees!! Help!".

Have no illusions, there are times that a person really is there. Maybe it is just some friendly guy and leaves the person alone so that they will not get the wrong idea, or some creep spying on an unsuspecting person from behind a tree and got caught. If the supposed watcher never gets seen and leaves the area many people will belive the poor soul that got scared out of their skin, is just seeing things. To that person however, regardless whether it was real or imagined, it was very real, and hence the Boogie Man is born. Obviously this seems very generic, not to mention not at all supernatual, but there have been instances where people will see a reoccuring similarity. The man always wore a green coat, was seen, and then dissappeared in thin air. Later a person could not be found and information will reveal that the man in the green coat sounds a lot like an individual that died 10 years ago. Details like this will turn a missing person's tale into a Boogie Man story and it very well may be true.

With the advent of modern day forensic and police investigating tools, the Boogie Man is falling by the way side. Almost all dissappearances can be attributed to an accident or a living person affecting another. Many times now the Boogie Man maybe a local legend but that is about all. Even so, he is a tough bastard, he holds on as longs there is fear in the hearts of man. I am sure he will be here for centuries to come.


Well this is not exactly local folklore, but a good monster none the less. It is cause for many tales and legends in Egypt. The mummies fall under the same rules that are discussed on the Ghost page of this site as to why they come back. By "come back" I mean that their souls reinhabit their bodies. Since the Egyptians were so good at preserving the bodies, when the soul returned, it actually had a functional body to return to. Hence they could walk around and affect everything in the physical world where obviously ghosts can not, at least not without some considerable effort. Granted, mummies are ugly as sin, but they can function.

Many of the stories describe that mummies are extremely strong and since their bodies are not alive, they technically are the undead, they do not sustain damage like humans either. Many tales describe mummies as an almost unstoppable force. A few variations say that fire will work, that without the body they reside in, it will essentially become a ghost and must move on. There are many movies, new and old, with good story lines in them. Anne Rice also wrote a book that extremely good entitled the "The Mummy".

Abominable Snowman and Bigfoot

This brings us to the next monster, Bigfoot and his wintery cousin the Abominable Snowman. There was time when this was a hot topic back in the 60's and 70's, but it seems as of recent that the interest has dropped. Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is still heard of in more rural areas such as Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. The legends say that there is what appears to be a prehistoric looking man that roams the forests. Naturalist have found footprints of huge proportions, some over two feet long, that are similar to that of modern man, hence giving him the name Bigfoot.

There is much debate whether Bigfoot is real. Plaster molds were made of the footprints found proving that the prints existed, but no one knows whether it was set up as a prank or not. There is one compelling piece of footage that shows a dark furry manlike creature walking in the forest for a brief moment. This is another piece of "evidence" that has a considerable amout of controvery around it. Some experts say that the figure was over seven tall. Others say that it was only six feet tall and was a man in a hairy suit trying to fool people. Really there hasn't been much evidence to validate the exist of the creature. There has been enough to keep the legend alive though. About the time that it would fall by the wayside something will crop up. Some hunters have spent their lives looking for the creature to no avail.

In colder climates there are similiar tales of a prehistoric creature. These stories tell of a big white beast that lives on the tundra but walks upright like a man. Siberia or Tibet seems to be where most of the stories come from, but any place that has a cold rural environment, primarily in Asia, seems to be where most of the legends come from. The tales of the Abominable Snowman, or sometimes called a Yeti, are very old. There have been tales in Tibet dating back many, many centuries about this hairy creature. Oddly the tales of the Bigfoot rarley indicate violence, but the Yeti was known to be aggressive. Killing yaks, destroying traps, sometimes even attacking people. It was also wicked smart and would fool trappers or hunters. There have been stories told of the Yeti getting a hunter caught in its own trap.

One expert indicated that it may just be a matter of environment. A Black Bear that lives in the mountains or forest has a variety of food sources other than meat; bugs, roots, berries, etc. However an artic animal is not afforded that comfort and is forced to live primarily on what it hunts, a polar bear for example. This could possibly account for the more aggressive behavior in the stories of the Yeti.

A Good Bigfoot Site


This is definitely a different kind of monster. I can't really call it a creature or an animal as many of them originally were human. It is important to say that they do not have to be human, there are plenty of instances of animal zombies. Lets start with a good description so you will know what I am talking about. This is usually the same no matter how it came to happen, which I will get into later. Zombies are the animated dead. They usually are in various states of decay and will continue to decay. As you can imagine, the smell of a rotting body is not the most pleasant. Also because of the decay, not all of the parts work like they did when they were new, not to mention if there was any kind of injury sustained before death. This means that they are usually slow. You don't see too many zombie sprinters, or even ones that are very coordinated. One site that I visited did mention the zombies in the Michael Jackson "Thriller" video, but we all know that Michael is strange and it just in not surprising that he would find the six coordinated zombies in existance to have in his video. Maybe he paid to send them to zombie dance camp. Just kidding.

So now we know they walk, talk or moan if they have vocal chords that haven't rotted, and they stink. So what do they do? What kind of job skills does a zombie have? Well to start with, usually, they make more zombies. Isn't that cool, you get to literally make more friends. Since they are dead, they don't really care if they get shot. There flesh is already falling off the bone, getting shot at is not going to emotionally shatter them. As a matter of fact, it hardly even slows them down. This makes them great to send after people. They do gain some bonuses in this state. Their sense of smell in incredible, truly amazing. They can pick up the scent of a human from several miles away. The other added part that comes from the transformation or resurrection is an increase in muscles in the jaw. It has been thought that zombies have no pain and so they could bite harder, but it is more the case that the muscles have dramtically increased. The muscles in the jaw are the strongest on the body and if you triple the effectivness, well zombies have been known to bite through steel.

So how did this happen? How does one make or become a zombie? There have been primarily six different ways to make a zombie, in theory that is. This could get a little long, so I will make them brief and if you have any further questions, please email me.

1. Chemical Reaction - This is where the government would dump some strange chemical and it would get in the soil and "poison" the neighborhood. Another example would be a new drug or chemical being created and it had some nasty side effects. The movie "Resident Evil" is a great example of this.

2. Alien Intervention - Of the six, this is probably the most obscure, but I have run into the occasional story with this theory in it. The tale goes that aliens would be trying to take over the Earth and so use our own dead to fight against us as a psychological battle as well as getting an army for free. Far fetched, I know, but I want to include it.

3. Techno Reanimate - Science is glorious isn't it? There is always someone that thinks they can cheat. Take death away from someone and give them back life. Well, in a way. This stretches what many think of as zombies. This group has a tendency to not follow the rules and descriptions listed above. A good example would be the movie "Universal Soldier".

4. Divine Planning - Ah yes, the helping hand of a higher being. Of course most "good" beings would not want to have a human go through the state of being a zombie, but it can happen. The opposite side would then be the "bad" side, which usually ends up being a demon or something like them. There are instances where they would be more than happy to give you a second shot at life, but neglect to tell you that you technically are still dead, just animated. Zombies do make good shock troop which can help in a typical "bad guy" campaign. An example of this one would be in "Prophecy" with Christopher Walken.

5. Disease - Now we are getting into the more believable stories. A classic tale from centuries ago, that once bitten you were infected. When you died, which if the zombie that bit you didn't kill you right then, you would be dead anyway in say a week, you would come back as a zombie yourself. A new partner in crime that feels the same craving for flesh and is ready to paint the town red. Unlife doesn't get any better than this.

6. Voodoo Trickery - I saved one of the best for last. Voodoo has been around for well over 7000 years. I could have a whole site dedicated to this, so lets just say that voodoo deals with, on a close personal level, spirits. If you were to die, a houngan or a boccor, those are the "good" and "evil" respectively, could put the spirit back in the body. This obviously creates a zombie. Stories vary on how the zombie looks however. There are many stories that indicate that the zombies appear completely normal, like they were just near death and then were brought back. There is also tales of a concoction that will put you in a death like state for a period of time. The heart beats so low that it cannot be heard. In that time, they could bury you. The voodooist would then say that you were not dead that you now a zombie. They would dig you up and find that you were not dead and declare you a zombie. There was great movie that was very close to this idea with Bill Pullman called "The Serpent and the Rainbow". There is also the more "traditional" zombie with the rotting bodies in voodoo as well.

An Interesting Site for Zombies and Vampires

Loch Ness

Yes! A great historical monster! Good ol' Nessie. Of of all of the monsters that I will write about, I consider the Loch Ness Monster to be the most fun. Maybe it is because of all of the creatures that I have talked about, this is the one that has the most sitings, and yet, no one has lock down proof, and NO ONE HAS CAUGHT HER. How wiley is she to avoid being caught for hundredS, more like thousands of years? The stubborness, the tenacity, she truly is a wonder. I am getting ahead of myself in the excitment here, let us talk about the legend and the theories for those who are not familiar with this particular creature.

The area where this creature resides is in a body of water called the Loch Ness. The Loch Ness is like a lake at the bottom of a valley that several rivers flow into. It is 23 miles long and about a mile wide and on the average 600 feet deep. It is located in Scotland. The monster supposedly lives in this large body of water. The interesting part about this monster is that they believe her to be a living dinosaur. The official name used by Britain at this time is Nessiteras Rhombopteryx.

There have been several full bore attempts at finding or photographing the sweet girl, but probably the most publicised and well know was conducted back in the 70's by Dr Robert Hines. His search went on for several years and yielded some results with some photographs and sonar readings. I have inlcuded two of the pictures from that research to your right. This was a huge break through and put the scientific community in quite the uproar as they tried to analyse the data that was captured. Many experts looked at this data and were definitely convinced that there was something large, twenty to thirty feet in length, that must reside in the Loch Ness. All evidence is refuttable and so there were others that were skeptical and remain so to this day. This of course creates more mystery over the whole issue. Below I have inlcuded a great site that has lots of evidence, you can make the determination for yourself if you believe or not. Nessie is fun so have fun with it!

A Great Nessie Site! See what you can find about the ol' Girl!


The only reason that I bring up fictional creatures as that one must understand that phobias and fears go hand in hand with fascination and obsession at times. People love to be scared and using only some of the monsters that I have listed above is not enough to scrare everyone. We must make more monsters to truly frighten everyone, and writers and movie producers do their best to give us what we want. There are some movies that really scare the crap out us, especially when they first come out, but are not really monsters. Jaws is great example, I think that movie freaked out half of America. We have created quite a few great monsters though, and I think they deserve to be listed.


Of the creatures of old, there are five big classics that come to mind. The first two I cover on other pages, vampires and the wolfman or werewolves. If you are interested in those, click on the button at the top of the page. The other three are Frankenstein, King Kong and Godzilla. Lets start with Frankenstein.

This really is an interesting story. Mary Shelly was in a competition to see who could write the better horror story with Bram Stoker(author of Dracula) I believe. After a nightmare while she was in Switzerland, she came up with the story for Frankenstein. For those that are not familiar with the story, Dr. Frankenstein is obsessed with the finite balance that is life. This is in a time when epidemics where typical and the mortality rate was high. This doctor wanted to give life back to people, and so tried to create life. Raiding the graves for body parts and sewing them together he creates a process that actually brings life to the body he constructed from scratch. It is at this point where Hollywood has changed the story countless times from the original story.

The original Mary Shelly story tells us that the creature, for it never really has a name, is very strong as not only was Dr. Frankenstein trying to create life, but make it better. Not only did it have incredible constitution it is also extremely intelligent. It learns English and French, and has the same emotions and problems that any of us would, but it also has no parents and is horribly disfigured. There is also the "small" detail that shortly after it was created, it broke out of the lab in confusion and ran away, it was pretty much a new born baby in a fully adult body. So not only is it pretty much created as a social outcast from the beginning, the good Doctor is not even around to help educate this poor guy on how the world works. This of course causes much resentment on the creatures part. This resentment leads to hatred and the battle between the Doctor's responsiblity to the creature unleashed on the world and the creatures fight for revenge makes for an intense tale. The moral implications of this whole storyline could be a whole page just by itself, but the one that always comes up when I think of this was in a review, "If you decide you want to be God, be careful what you create."

Hollywood has taken this tale and changed it to create more of a fearsome monster. Most of this started because one of the first movies of Frankenstein was with Boris Karloff in 1931, and it showed an incredibly strong, but incredibly stupid, creature. This is the one where the creature throws the girl in the lake, because the girl is throwing flowers in the water and the creature believe that pretty things belong in the water. Since then it has been pretty much a horror creature with some comedy thrown in as well. The Munsters is a great example of monster comedy with Herman Muster being the Frankenstein monster. Recently, Robert DeNiro starred in Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, with Kevin Branagh which depicted more of the original storyline. It is still and always will be a ageless, classic monster.

King Kong

The big man himself. Screw the lion, this guy is really the ruler of the jungle. Almost everything is afraid of King Kong and if you aren't afraid, you at least respect him. Let me paint a picture for you. A full grown male Silverback Gorilla is only about 5'6", but he weighs in at 400 lbs. Even at this size, it is strong enough to throw a human around like they are nothing. The stories of King Kong depict him to be anywhere from 50 to 80 feet tall. This would make him tens of thousands of pounds heavy, maybe 40,000 lbs. That is like 20 Hummers folks. This is a creature that could play with a Hummer like it was a toy and then throw it a city block without trying. The picture shown is from the original 1933 production. Imagine if you pissed that thing off, and then let it lose in New York City. Yeah! Now we have a movie!

King Kong is a great cinema creature that can fight for good or evil. He has been pitted against or allied with aliens, a barrage of sea monsters, Tarzan, Mothra and Godzilla, who we will get to in a second, just to name a few. An odd bit of trivia, in the moives electricity actually makes King Kong stronger. A classic monster in every sense of the word, capable of wrecking almost anything in its path, a brute that will have no qualms throwing cars or buildings at an enemy and misunderstood as a creature of the wild. Peter Jackson, the director the the Lord of the Rings, is supposedly going to remake the movie again. I for one am looking forward to what he can do with the story. Watch for it, it should be good if Lord of the Rings is any indication.


One of my favorites. This extremely large lizard supposedly came from the same island as King Kong. This was a Japanese favorite as well and subsequently there was a plethra of movies with Godzilla in it. Godzilla was like a cross between a T-rex and a dragon. He walked on two legs with very small arms. His tail was long with star shaped fins all along the ridge of his back. Breathing fire was a great bonus in his arsenal. To say he had a temper would be an understatement and this is what many times won battles for him. King Kong and Godzilla were about in the same caliber of monster which is to say they are insanely strong and so tough that for most instances are practically indestructable. It would take monumental, Earth rending forces to really put a dent in creature like Godzilla. Interesting enough, Godzilla found himself on the "good" side as often as on the "bad" side. The newer Godzilla with Mathew Broderick was a good remake with a totally new look for the great lizard.

I find it interesting that most people think of these classic monsters with a little bit of fondness. In many instances I see poeple feel sorry for them, regardless whether they may be real or not. This is especially true for Frankenstein, if they know the original story, and King Kong. People relate the persecution and abuse that these monsters take to their own lives. Unlike Freddy or Jason, who are just warped men, the monster represent something outside of Man, and in a way, it is almost not their fault that they are the way they are. More so, part of us wants to see them succeed against man, even though in the movie or story they are taking the lives of men. Either way, these are now all monsters that we know and are familiar with, and they have survived enough to be remade again and again. Classics indeed, and I look forward to see them remade again in the future.

Well keep checking back! I will have something will a little more substance as soon as I can.

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