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This is relatively new so I only have a few entries, but please do not be shy and send me some of your own creations!

The House


It is all about the blood.
I didn't realize this at first
I thought it was the existence
I thought it was being cursed

But I was wrong, very wrong
For the hunger is overwhelming
The thirst drives you to the edge
It feels like your heart is swelling

You feel the pulse in humans
The blood rushing in their veins
Smell it on their skin, snifffff
It is enough to drive you insane

And every night it is the same
Every night like this forever
Of course he never told me all this
When I started this endeavor

He told me it would be fun
And it has been to be sure
Liberating to the utmost degree
Transforming me from the demure

Making me a killer, a hunter
With a thirst I cannot slack
I wanted time to learn new things
But the hunger holds me back

So I will squeeze in time for knowledge
Between dusk and dawn and draughts
And the lust for blood will inspire me
So that this will all not be for naught.

Dave Frizzell, Omaha, NE

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The House

There are people in my house!
My house!
They eat, sleep and crap in my house.
And I watch them
All the time
In the house I had a life in

They will not hurt my house
The house I built
I had children
And a wife
Even a dog
In the house I had a life in

I will not leave my house
It is a part of me
Memories locked in time
My memories
Saturated in the wood
In the house I had a life in

There are people in my house!
And they don't see me
I watch them
I haunt them
They don't belong
In the house I had a life in


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