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I started this web site in February, 2000, however the page is getting bigger and bigger. It is getting hard to remember what I worked on last so I started to document some of the major work of the past and swore to update what I do from now on. I thought, I am sure my viewers would like to know what I update as well. So another project is born...

04/05/2005 - After not touching the site for almost a year, I figured it was time for an infusion of something new. The newest add on to the site is the mystical section. I have quite a bit a content, but not a lot in the way of pics right now. Besure to check on the Divination link on the page, very interesting.

04/15/2004 - Well, I asked around at what everyone would want new on the site, and my wifes suggestion seems to be the most voted for, so now we have a forum on the site. Feel free to use it in any capacity that you want. Thanks for everyones suggestion, I will try to implement as many as I can. I also added in classic fictional monsters and there impact on society.

03/20/2004 - Wow, it has been a while, I apologize. Looked at my website and realized I was neglecting it and you, my readers. So I added a bit on the Loch Ness in the monster section. More to come, I promise.

06/11/2003 - Added in a brief section on the Religion page on angels. This is such a touche subject I wanted to make sure that I worded it right. I still don't know, this page may be subject to quite a few changes, we will see.

05/30/2003 - I still have not received any compositions for creative writing so I added on of my own to the short story section. I am hoping to may inspire some of the visitors. Maybe they will get miffed "This guy sucks! Let me show you how it is done." I could use someone like that! Don't be shy people!

04/30/2003 - I received some feedback from an interested reader in my guestbook. She indicated that she would love more info in the ghost section. I love feedback, and I couldn't just let that go. I am here for the people ::puff out chest in pride:: So of course, I added more to the ghost page. I have been wanting to update it for while. Elsie, I hope your friends enjoy!

04/28/2003 - Added a significant hunk to the UFO page, with comments on abductions, sightings and video productions. Also put in more information on Zombies. I have yet to receive anything for the writings section. I am considering putting in a survey to see what the people would suggest, maybe they just aren't interested. Anyone reading this, feedback would be great.

03/11/2003 - Finally got a few entries for the writings page, one I wrote myself to get it started. Added the Bigfoot section to the Monster page.

02/13/2003 - The Writing page is at last added in. This was long awaited by myself. After not getting any entries I thought having the page up would inspire people. Come on everyone! I know there are creative minds out there! Send in a poem or short story! Speaking of inspiration, a conversation also prompted me to add the Religion page as well.

11/04/2002 - Brownies and Gremlins are added to the Folklore page. You have no idea how hard it is to find a picture of a gremlin that is not from the movie, Holy Ugly Creatures Batman. Added SciFi and Super sections to Gallery

07/23/2002 - Initially, Tripod really ticked me off by cutting the amount of space allowed on their free web sight. However it all works out in the end. Did major restructuring and moved Gallery to different site. Less bandwidth for pics, but more for info. Some sacrifices must be made sometimes. I did add a large Misc fantasy section to the Gallery. If you are a heavy pic downloader, sorry. Come back again tomorrow for more.

06/19/2001 - Added Gallery, it is only Dragonlance and Wheel of Time for the moment, but I will add more. Also added Monster and UFO pages. They are in their infancy but at least the people know it is coming.